Like a Good Story? Me too.

Before Brokenly Live On turned into a full fledged novel it started off as a short story. Short stories have always been one of my favorite literary forms - they’re sharply written and tend to stay with you. They have to achieve so much in such a succinct way and the challenge of creating a convincing depth to them under constraint has always appealed to me. Hearing about the San Diego Library’s 2nd Annual Short Story Contest prompted me to take a recent idea and turn it into a new piece, and after finishing it I realized I have never shared any of my short stories publicly. I’ve always hoarded them. This will be my first submission of any kind to a literary contest (as an adult), and I want to take a bigger leap and make them available to anyone who enjoys my writing - so I started an email list. If you like short stories that are a quick little escape, I hope you’ll sign up and enjoy the journeys I’ll send you on.

The San Diego Library's 53rd Annual Local Author Program

It’s been a minute! Blogging - whoever came up with this didn’t anticipate the lives of creatives who are pulled in one thousand and one different directions each second of every day. But I’m here now because I have an announcement that I’m so excited about I need to shout it in every corner of the internet:

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.05.33 PM.png

My first book - Brokenly Live On - has been accepted as part of the San Diego Library’s 53rd annual Local Author Program!!

I’m so thrilled and honored to be a part of this ongoing tradition of writers within my adopted city that I couldn’t imagine a better way to start 2019. So what does this entail? It means my book will be displayed throughout the month of February in the the Dickinson Popular Library at the San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common, and starting in March it will be available to be checked out from the library until the following February (when it can be considered for broader circulation pending the library’s collection development policy.)

How, insanely, exciting! As a book lover as well as an author this recognition is a dream come true. I want to send out an incredible thank you to every reader who has given my book a chance and especially those who have taken the time to write a review. It really means more to me than I can ever say. As an added thank you for this celebratory event I’m offering my book up for free for five days in Kindle format starting Wednesday January 9th until the 13th. I hope you’ll consider picking it up! If not digitally than through the San Diego library.

So cheers to 2019! I can get used to a year like this.