Like a Good Story? Me too.

Before Brokenly Live On turned into a full fledged novel it started off as a short story. Short stories have always been one of my favorite literary forms - they’re sharply written and tend to stay with you. They have to achieve so much in such a succinct way and the challenge of creating a convincing depth to them under constraint has always appealed to me. Hearing about the San Diego Library’s 2nd Annual Short Story Contest prompted me to take a recent idea and turn it into a new piece, and after finishing it I realized I have never shared any of my short stories publicly. I’ve always hoarded them. This will be my first submission of any kind to a literary contest (as an adult), and I want to take a bigger leap and make them available to anyone who enjoys my writing - so I started an email list. If you like short stories that are a quick little escape, I hope you’ll sign up and enjoy the journeys I’ll send you on.