Autumn Was Created For Readers

This may or may not be true, but with fall being so suited to staying in bed an hour later reading a book, or coming in from a brisk day to a cup of tea and a book - I for one believe this to be true. I especially love certain types of books in fall - my equivalent of comfort foods. Mystery, romance, history, a bit of fantasy (ok, probably more than a little bit of fantasy. I blame stories of Merlin from my youth). & so with this in mind I'm inviting you. Where? Just to curl up with a comfort book. Now I may be partial (just a little bit), but I think that Brokenly Live On may have that comforting mix of a good story and the unknown. In fact, I'm offering you and a friend a chance to explore my claims. Right now I have a giveaway going on on my Instagram page and it's easy to enter: just tag a friend and both of you follow along on that account. Winners will be announced Oct 1, 2017. So why not? A free book to read with a friend awaits. Click the photo below to be brought to the entry page.